What does “Is this ok [y/d/N]:” mean?

What does “Is this ok [y/d/N]:” mean?

When installing new software using yum, you will occasionally get the the option of “Is this ok [y/d/N]:”  Everyone knows recognizes Yes and No, but the option d may have thrown you for a loop.

“d” simply stands for download only.  If you were to do this from the commandline you’d use this:

yum –download-only

Occasionally this is useful if you are prepping a resource, like a thumb drive, with all…

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Advanced Google Search Operators

Advanced Google Search Operators

Sometimes a simple Google search won’t do. Today I needed to find some malformed URLs in a site.   I couldn’t remember how to search for specific text in a URL.

I had a hard time finding the Google documentation of search commands this morning.  It I needed the allinurl: function.

I don’t want to have to search that hard again so here is the documentation in my Code Cave:

Search Service Search…

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Finding large files on a Linux server

Finding large files on a Linux server

Here are a couple commands you might find useful.

This command finds files that are larger than half a gig:

find / -type f  -size +500M -exec ls -lh {} \;

This command finds files that are larger than 1 gig:

find / -type f  -size +1G -exec ls -lh {} \;

This command finds files that are larger than 1 gig excluding the home directory which might be on a different mount. (notice the removal of…

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Love the acoustic versions of heavy metal songs! @Shane Speal have you caught wind of this album?

(Source: Spotify)

"You’ve been a bad boy. You know it’s true. That’s why she’d rather sleep with anger than sleep with you!"
I’ve loved Michael Hill’s Blues mob since I saw them once in NYC after wandering out of CBGBs, which just had okay music that night, and onto a place that was rockin the blues. I’ve never heard this song before but it is awesome… The Michael does blues in a unique way.. it’s all about real life and from a solid ethical background and smart lyrics. That’s why I like Steve Taylor too.

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Starting things out with some Steve Taylor/Peter Furler “Closer” and Karen Hornsby’s “All Things are Possible”. This song was awesome in concert. The bass gets cranked up on this one.. but I’ve alwas been a sucker for artists sophisticated enough to mix in some brass..

(Source: Spotify)

Had a blast seeing these guys in concert the other night. The guy on the right is an Akron native. You’ll find him in the year books in Copley.

(Source: Spotify)

Keeping it mellow this morning, listening to songs a Canadian sang some 42 years ago about walking in the woods and being back home after a crazy few weeks. It works for me after getting most of my projects for the last few weeks in hand again..

(Source: Spotify)

Listening to the new Sun and Shield Album by Peter Furler. Steve Taylor says “Shame” and “It’s alright” are the tracks to listen for!

How to Fix: After upgrading WHMCS: Down for Maintenance An upgrade is currently in progress

I recently came across an issue I’d not seen before. After performing what I thought was a proper upgrade, I found that my support and sales portal was displaying the error:

Down for Maintenance (Err 2)
An upgrade is currently in progress… Please come back…

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